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We work exclusively with innovative natural & specialty brands to showcase the latest and greatest products being sold in stores & online. It’s our mission to ensure that both consumers and stakeholders within your particular industry remember the unique features your brand and product have to offer. We collaborate with many vendors and retailers nationwide at various venues.

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We work exclusively with innovative natural & specialty brands to showcase the latest and greatest products sold in stores and online.
It’s our priority to ensure stakeholders within your industry remember the unique features + benefits your brand has to offer.


Over the years our team has executed thousands of demos in several extraordinary store and special event venues. Here are some of the exclusive retail partners we work with directly to guarantee your in-store events are a success!


We link clients to engaging special event venues
to showcase the lifestyle & usage opportunities associated with their products. We value creating events with a purpose that leave consumers with a positive, memorable experience to reflect on!


In my 18 years of working with a variety of agencies, I’ve never worked with a better sampling partner. Mariano Events is best in class in regards to high caliber sampling ambassadors, training and effective and timely recaps. The HQ customer service is also above and beyond all expectations. They have raised the bar.
As we work to grow the relatively new category of refrigerated bars along with Wegmans, in-store demos have been a key component of driving awareness, not only to our brand, but to a new location in-store for shoppers to look for healthy snacks. Danielle and her team at Mariano Events have been instrumental in this effort. I have stopped in on many demos of our product over the last three months, and the Brand Ambassadors from Mariano Events have consistently been educated on our bars, enthusiastic about sharing a new product, and nothing but professional with Wegmans customers.
Mariano Events is one of the most professional, best in class demo and event companies I’ve had the pleasure to work with. They provide unparalleled event recaps and reporting, are great communicators and have played a critical role in the growth of our brand! Thanks for the support Mariano!
I first worked with Mariano events at Wegmans introducing the Northeast to Tamales. From the very beginning, Danielle and her entire team at all levels have been 100% reliable and a fantastic partner. The inshore teams effectively sampled, cooked and represent our brand professionally, with excellent reporting. They have gone out of their way to cover remote stores and always put in the extra effort to provide the best demos. Mariano Events has set the gold standard for demo companies. Providing excellent demos, comprehensive reports with actionable information, reliable coverage and stellar communication. They are the only demo company I have worked with I am always certain I can count on.
— CJ Walsh: Rodeo CPG